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Searching for a pawsome service from staff with passion and a genuine interest and regard for pets?

Welcome to Paws2Walk, the local pet care service in Corfe Mullen, Wimborne and Broadstone.

We strive for purrfection, satisfied customers and contented pets.

Below are a small selection of comments our customers have quoted:

"Tracie takes such care and attention in her work, it is clear she puts the pets and their owners first" 

"You couldn't be disappointed with the service Paws2Walk provides..."

"When I first met Tracie, my dog took instantly to her and felt at ease from the outset - she's a natural"

"it was the first time I had ever left my dog, naturally I was anxious but I needn't have been Tracie took care of everything with such confidence and ease"

"I was surprised yet completely reassured at the level of detail and professionalism during our consultation, I knew we were in safe and reliable hands"  

" We received a welcome pack and the standard of service delivery and care was outstanding"    





Why Choose Paws2Walk as your local dog walking/pet visiting service in Corfe Mullen, Wimborne, Broadstone and East Dorset?

  • Professional member of nationally recognised dog walking/pet sitting organisations (NarpsUK)
  • Extensive training to national industry led standards - Twelve module certificated course
  • Qualified dog walker with a Pet First Aid Certificate & Business Certificate
  • Extensive professional experience caring for companion animals & dog walking
  • Service delivery to over 45 customers and more than 65 pets 
  • Safety/comfort features for travelling pets (Air con., darkened windows, cooling mats & seat belt safety harnesses, crash tested safety cage)
  • Second level Pet Safety Tag Identification should dogs become lost or taken
  • Excellent references and over 40 testimonials 
  • Police checked via Disclosure & Barring Service (Criminal Record Bureau)
  • Full business insurance
  • Newsletters and animal health features
  • Low cost alternative to kennels or catteries
  • Bespoke, flexible and tailored service
  • Peace of mind as your pet has their own personal professional pet visitor/sitter
  • Pets retain their usual routine & remain in their normal homely environment
  • Added sense of home security during house sits/keys remain secure
  • Regular text/email and Whats App photo updates on your pet's activities during visits and dog walking
  • Free introductory consultation and assessment
  • Free 15 minute trial walk at initial introduction
  • Professionally prepared 'Welcome & Information pack'
  • Free pet reviews to update their care and support plan  
  • Introduce a pet pal scheme with reward bonus on introduction of one new client (Please ask for details).
  • Annual free pet gift prize draw
  • Evening sits for those special nights out
  • Useful links to pet services, resources & advice
  • Supporting local business (accountant, website, business stationery & vehicle signage all local services)
  • Links to Dorset’s small business community network
  • Community  volunteering, supporting local community life (pet/wildlife education talks to local schools)
  • Supporting local animal & wildlife charities through donations & volunteering
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Volunteer Toad & Newt Patrol in Hampshire

For three years I have assisted as a volunteer during the toad spawning in Hampshire. This is when the male and female toads attempt to reach the lakes to mate and spawn between late January and late April. Of course this is all weather and climate dependent. Toads are unlike frogs they crawl rather than hop. This means they are vulnerable and at risk of road kill from passing traffic. Often people are simply unaware and the result is hundreds of toad deaths in each area every year. This can have a detrimental and devastating impact on the toad populations across the UK.

Toads will only venture out on wet mild evenings at dusk and beyond. If the temperature is above 7 degrees with no wind chill and it has been wet or damp then the toads are likely ot emerge to make their perilous journeys.

It is the sadest observation to witness mass crossings where so many amphibians and reptiles are crushed from unaware road users. While many are killed instantly, others lay dying and injured from their wounds and trauma. I am passionate about doing all that can be done to assist the toads to reach the local lakes and return safely. It is a huge honour to be part of such a rewarding experience. I feel priviledged to be making a difference to each toad and thier species.  But toads are not the only amphibians we find.

Sadly, the Great Crested Newts and their young, some only the size of matchsticks, lose their lives to the same fate. The Great Crested Newt is distinct in its markings and has European status as a protected and endangered species. Of course we have laws to protect species but as yet despite contacting numerous charities and the various County Councils and Government departments no one has yet taken much noitce. There is no point in having laws or protection rights when our beaurocratic systems take no actions to uphold the laws. Therefore, I am making a plea to anyone who would like to make a difference and help during the season to increase the chances of their survivial.

Inevitably it has proven that the only meaningful impact on these species over the last few years has been the direct positive actions taken by small groups of local dedicated volunteers across the UK. Locally, we are a well run and organised group and are always looking to  welcome more volunteers. Please do make contact if you would like to join us and make a difference to the newt and toad population locally. 

Glynne Re: Roxy & Frazzle (Dog walking/pet and house sitting) Creekmore February 2019 

This company was recommended to me, as I needed both a house and dog sitter for my 2 dogs, while I was away inn Paris.

I found her professionalism, documentation and empathy with my needs and want to be first class.

Tracie was in communication to me with texts and pictures of the time spent with my 2 dogs on their walks, and, I am very happy to say, that my dogs enjoyed the company of Tracie as much as she enjoyed being with them.

I cannot praise her business enough, as I could go away knowing that everything was in control, T's crossed and I's dotted.

I will be recommending her business to others that have a need for a quality dog/house sitter.
I found her professionalism, documentation and empathy with my needs and want to be first class.

Tracie was in communication to me with texts and pictures of the time spent with my 2 dogs on their walks, and, I am very happy to say, that my dogs enjoyed the company of Tracie as much as she enjoyed being with them.

I cannot praise her business enough, as I could go away knowing that everything was in control, T's crossed and I's dotted.

I will be recommending her business to others that have a need for a quality dog/house sitter.


Paula Re: Flossie (Cat feeding/visiting) September 2018

Hello, my name is Flossie and my mum had to call Tracie in from Paws2Walk to look after me at very short notice. Tracie thought I was so special she called me a 'VIP' - "Very Important Pet" and she came out on a Saturday to see us. Her first class service started the very next day on the Sunday. Tracie always spoke softly to me and approached me with care because I have lost most of my sight.

Some days I felt a bit low so Tracie made me feel comfortable. She spoke to my mum and carried out all the routines I would normally receive from mum and dad. I don't have many teeth left and Tracie helped me to eat and changed my water each day. She sat with me to keep me company and made me feel special.

She even recommended some clever ideas to help me settle during the time my mum had to go out. She brought a pop up feeding tray for when I got hungry in between meals and a special bottle of magic called Felliway which she sprayed on cotton wool buds. This filled the room with cat calmness and helped me to sleep when she had gone. My mum and I would recommend Tracie to anyone who needs a pawfect pet service.... so it's five paws from me.  


Sean & Gloria Re: Minty & Smith (Dog walking/pet & house sitting) Corfe Mullen - August 2018

A first class professional and caring service

We are so glad that we found Tracie to walk our 2 dogs and house sit when we go on holiday.
It is so reassuring knowing that Tracie is at home taking the best possible care of our boys which means that we can go on holiday and relax now without having to worry about their welfare.
Tracie provides a very professional and caring service, obviously loves animals and goes that extra mile to make sure they are happy.
I would not hesitate to recommend Tracie and Paws 2 Walk to anyone that wants a first class reliable pet sitting /walking service.


Emily Re: Maxie (Dog walking) Broadstone August 2018


Tracie visited every day to take Maxie out for an hour walk while our family from Surrey were away on holiday. Maxie had great fun and was always eager to get started. When Tracie arrived he always became animated and excited and couldn't wait to begin his hour of fun. Clearly they enjoyed making the most of each others company. Tracie from Paws2Walk took some great pictures and gave a clear report each day following his walk. 

She played ball games with him and provided one to one attention which he responded to with great enthusiasm. She was very thorough, professional, on time and reliable. The pictures Tracie showed me of Maxie on his walks clearly demonstrated just how much he was enjoying himself. 


Ned Re: Archie (Dog walking/visiting) Wimborne August 2018


I contacted Tracie from Paws2Walk at short notice as I was unable to find anyone to visit my pet dog while I took a short break over a weekend. Tracie responded immediately, understanding the urgency of the situation. She arranged to visit me to carry out an assessment and full consultation along with a free mini trial walk for my dog Archie. She completed all of the paperwork and had it returned to me within 48 hours, just in time for me to leave for my weekend away. 

Tracie made a real difference as I would have had to cancel my weekend away had she not gone the extra mile to provide her service. When I returned, all was well and Archie had been visited three times a day and fed and cared for expertly. When she came to drop off the key a couple of days later Archie was so pleased to see her it was clear that they had made a special bond in such a short time. Tracie is a natural and I was delighted with the service she provided. 


Rachel B. - Clara & Tom (Cat/ Dog/ Hamster/Reptile) East Dorset 2018  


Tracie (Paws2Walk) is our dog walker when we are at work and our animal carer when we are away from home on holiday. She is a true animal lover- caring, kind and compassionate. She clearly has extensive experience of working with and caring for many different species of animals. She feeds and grooms them, cleans out their various living quarters and also makes additional trips to adjust lights and heating. Tracie is very amenable to helping us out at short notice and also very flexible in the times when she is available to work. Nothing is too much for her. I have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone who needs a pet sitter or dog walker


Rescued hedgehogs x 2 Lynwood Vets - Wimborne July 2018

These two little hogs were brought into a local vet practice with vision problems. After initial treatment they were sent on for further care and support at the local wildlife sanctuary. Although both were successfully treated they were at risk of predation due to reduced vision. While hedgehogs do not have naturally astute eyesight they mainly rely on their sense of smell and audio skills, however vision is still an important part of their natural sensory survival kit.
Both are doing well and increasing their weight after re-homing in a secure local garden where they can concentrate on developing their natural hedgehog skills and behavours safe from predation. As hibernation season is not far off it is essential that they pile on the pounds with a naturally available food source ready for their big Winter sleep.  Good luck Hogs! 


P & S Re: Oscar (Dog/house sitting & walking) Fordingbridge July 2018


We found Tracie by chance whilst looking for someone to look after our terrier Oscar in their own home. We had never considered a pet/ house sitter before but we were extremely happy with Tracie’s professionalism and attention to detail. We had daily updates and pictures on WhatsApp and Tracie was keen to explore our local area and found many new walks that we were not even aware of. Our house was very well looked after, so it’s a paws up from Oscar and we will happily use Tracie’s services again.


Frank C. Dillon (Cat visit feeds) - East Dorset June 2018  



Highly recommended. Has great empathy and appreciation of pet behavior. Out cat Dillon is very happy that he is able to stay in his own home and be looked after so well, a very contented cat.We are able to enjoy our time away knowing that he is being cared for. 


Judy Re: Stripe (Cat house call)  Creekmoor - June 2018

Thanks to Paws2Walk I was able to attend an important interview which meant being away overnight. As my cat Stripe was in his latter years I needed to know he was in safe hands. I received a full update and some pictures to help pass the hours until I returned home, many thanks... a great service!.

Fledgling and injured Jackdaw rescued June 2018


This fledgling and injured Corvid (from the Corvid species(crow / jackdaw family etc) were found in Wimborne on the same day. Both were picked up by Paws2walk and taken to the Wildlife Centre in Hampshire. As both were fairly well developed they required basic treatment and on-going nourishment and support before being rehabilitated and released back into the general bird population.

Although some bird species may receive more popular appraisals they each have a role to play. Often birds from the Corvid family of crows jackdaws ravens and rooks receive negative press but they are also carrion and scavenge on whatever food is available. They can often be seen mopping up after discarded takeaways on a Saturday night and Sunday morning.   


Swallow Chick rescued June/July 2018

This little chick swallow was picked up after a call from a local vets in Wareham. The swallow chick was found by a member of the public who had the presence of mind to hand it in as soon as it was found. With links to a local wildlife centre the veterinary practice contacted the centre manager who arranged for Paws2Walk to make the pick-up. After an informal handover of information the chick was safely delivered for treatment and hand rearing before being successfully released.
Swallows have long flights across continents between the seasons as they fly from South Africa after Winter to the UK to breed in late Summer and rear their young. To make these amazing journeys the birds must be in good health and ready to begin their cycle of migration.   

Pat, Tony & family Re: Moby & Hens (Cat and hen feeding/visits) Holt - May 2018 


We were so pleased when we found Tracie from paws2Walk. We were going on holiday and needed someone reliable and trustworthy to visit our cat Moby and our four rescue hens. As Tracie had experience of both cats and hens it was the perfect match. We found her professional and well organized. She went into great detail about their care and management before we left and completed a full assessment of their needs. We received regular updates with lovely pictures which really helped us feel confident in the decision we had made. 

Tracie went the extra mile and made suggestions that meant our animals remained safe and well managed in our absence. we would not hesitate to use her services again and can thoroughly recommend her to friends, family and neighbours.


Penny S. Hampshire Re: Oliver (Dog walking /House sit) May 2018

We had Tracie from Paws2Walk look after our dog while we were away. We had not left our pet before and therefore were apprehensive about this first time. However, we need not have worried. We received daily updates along with amazing pictures of Oliver enjoying his activities. Tracie and Oliver went on many wonderful walks and clearly shared many special times together. Oliver was obviously happy with all this individual attention and from the pictures was clearly having a wonderful time.

Tracie's assessment and consultation process was excellent and she went into detail about Oliver's needs. Everything was expertly managed from start to finish and went very smoothly. We received a Welcome Pack with all the relevant details and our home was even cleaned and plants watered before we returned. We would not hesitate to recommend Paws2Walk. We would definitely use the service again.  

Awaiting picture

Rescued Leveret - May 2018


This Leveret or infant Hare was found by a member of the public who sought help realizing it was at risk without the support of it's mum. Hare's are another important species, a native of our rich and diverse wildlife, yet they are in decline. Therefore it was essential that this Hare received the care and attention it needed to re enter the eco systems of Dorset.

Paws2Walk assisted in collecting, transporting and safely delivering this youngster so that it could continue its journey into adulthood with the support of local expert wildlife staff.

Hares differ in many ways from rabbits. They are larger than rabbits, have longer ears and longer hind legs and their fur changes colour to match the seasons.   


Rescued Buzzard May 2018

Paws2Walk collected an injured female buzzard from Lynwood Vets Wareham. Tracie transported the buzzard to the safety of a wildlife centre for essential treatment and rehabilitation with final release back into its natural habitat. Without wildlife volunteers many of Dorset's natural wildlife would perish putting their overall numbers at risk.  

Rescued Duckling collected from Lynwood vets taken to Wildlife Centre - April 2018


This little duckling became lost from its siblings and mother duck. Once out of sight and earshot the duckling has no way of re locating its family and left for even a short time would not survive.

Fortunately, Paws2Walk came to the rescue and delivered it safely to the local Wildlife Centre where it was placed with other older ducklings. This helps them learn the skills and natural behaviours they will need to enable them to be safely re introduced to the wild.  

Once old enough and better developed the duckling can be released back into its natural environment.


Newt support - Ringwood March/April 2018

For several years Tracie has supported the Toad Patrol at Poulner in Ringwood. However it is not just toads that the patrol helps to protect and support as we often find a number of other species including Frogs, Common Newts and on occasions Great Crested Newts. Maintaining their numbers is essential because all those saved this year will go on to produce young next year and therefore keep the numbers from dropping. 

In fact, numerous young newts barely an inch long have been found and assisted out of harms way. The most common threat is our roads and moving vehicles. In the dark people are not looking for creatures so small and these would be hard to see in the daylight let alone once darkness falls. However, the trained eye and special knowledge of how these reptiles make their way has helped to secure their safe passage.

Rescued Gosling & Seagull- April 2018


Paws2Walk came to the rescue of these two little fledglings - a gosling and a young seagull. One was abandoned after becoming separated from its mother the other fell from the beak of an adult seagull, a lucky escape one might think. Suffering a mild head injury, the gosling went on to make a full recovery at the local wildlife centre. Both were picked up at a local veterinary practice and transported by Paws2Walk for first aid treatment and recovery.

During Spring and Summer Paws2Walk receives a number of calls to assist local vets and wildlife services by collecting and safely transporting many injured, sick and unwell birds and animals. Of course as the dark evenings draw in Autumn and Winter continue to present challenges for our natural wild species.     


Jan and Tom Re: Kola (Dog & House sitting/dog walking) Corfe Mullen March 2018

“Thank you, are two very small words which really do not do justice for the service that we received from Paws2Walk. Our lively and characterful working cocker, was cared for with care, compassion and understanding during our recent holiday. We received daily updates about his well being and antics; accompanied by lovely photos. The house was immaculate when we returned and our dog appears to have enjoyed his new "carer " - we are reassured that we have discovered a thoroughly professional and commendable service for future use. Thank you again!”

black paw   black paw   black paw   black paw   black paw  -  Jan W.

Jackie and Gareth Re: Bo (Dog & house sitting & dog walking) Colehill
February 2018


"We had Tracie look after our little dog over night and for the weekend and we could not have been more pleased, on return Bo our dog was happy and content, we would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone and will definitely be using her again. We have already booked  her for the summer. She is very professional and trustworthy".

"Thank you for looking after Bo so well. It's a big relief to us to know we have found someone we can trust".



Young Collared Dove rescued/treated by local vet & wildlife rescue 2018

This young Collared Dove was found by a member of the public and taken to Lynwood vets. From here the practice contacted the local wildlife service who agreed to assess and treat the injured bird. Collared Doves are known in the bird world as Streptopelia decaocto. If the weather is mild they can breed beyond the usual breeding season. 

These doves construct their nests in the fork of a tree up to 20 metres off the ground. Both adults build the nest which a loose base formed from twigs, roots and soft materials like grasses. The nests can be fragile and i high winds or easily disturbed the eggs and chicks can fall through the gaps. This may be what happened in this case.

Collared doves lay 2 white, slightly glossy eggs. These are incubated by both parents for between 14-18 days. Chicks are fed with crop milk and they fledge 15-19 days once hatched. 

Their diet typically consists of buds, seeds, berries, fruits, grain, insects and other invertebrates. 


C & S Re: Sasha (Pet sitting/minding/dog walking) Dorset - July 2017 


This is beautiful Sasha, Golden Retriever. Tracie minded Sasha while mum and dad were away. We enjoyed sunny walks in Upton Country Park and the surrounding areas. We also shared hugs and cuddles and special moments until my mum and dad returned.  "Thank you  for everything  you've done for us in the past Tracie". 



  Sally re: Percy (Cat feeding) Wimborne - January 2018

Dear Tracie thank you for taking such excellent care of Percy while I visited my aunt. It's great to know he will always be well loved and fussed while I am away .....with no catastrophies!  I was able to relax and spend quality time enjoying my aunts company. 

Eric & Jayne re: Bobcat (Cat visits) Upton - January 2018


We wanted to write a review for Tracie at Paws2Walk because she doesn't only walk dogs but she cared for our cat in his later years. Bobcat was a real character, a bit of a bruiser but our lovable mog all the same. As he met his twilight years, Bobcat ventured out less and less and became more of a house cat. He always appreciated a lot of fuss and affection. When we went for weekends away and short breaks Tracie stepped up to the mark and was completely dependable. At first we just did not want to leave him but when we returned he always had a bit more sparkle. We believe Tracie's special bond with Bobcat and her genuine interest in his life really made a difference when it mattered to him and to us.     


Shona D. Missy (Dog walking) Corfe Mulllen October 2017

I have been using Tracie's service, Paws2Walk now for several months. She is very professional and thorough and my dog really enjoys spending time with her. Missy is always excited when she arrives and I know that she has had fun on her return. Paws2Walk has enabled me to enjoy making time for my hobbies and is completely reliable, she has never let me down. 
I would definitely recommend her service to others.

Anna C. "Autumn" (Pet sitting/minding) Poole November 2017 & 


“Paws2Walk did an amazing job looking after our dog Autumn for a week while we were away. Autumn was looked after in her own home to a level which exceeded our expectations. It was the first time in 12 years she had not accompanied us on holiday so I was apprehensive about leaving her. However I had nothing to worry about and she was cared for to a very high standard, we were kept advised at all times and received pictures and videos of Autumn while we were away. I would not hesitate to use Paws2Walk again, we made an excellent decision.”

black paw   black paw   black paw   black paw   black paw  -  Anna C.


Ed re: "Floyd" (Dog walking) St Ives Ringwood - September 2017

Paws2Walk delivers a very professional, thorough and friendly service. It is clear that your pet's safety and welfare is taken very seriously. Tracie has a genuine connection with animals and my dog Floyd feels very comfortable in her company. I would happily recommend her and her service to anyone.

Stella re: - "Queenie" (Dog walking & Pet minding) Corfe Mullen - October 2017


I am writing this for Queenie.

"I have just spent 4 days with my best friend Tracie, cos my mum had to go away to see family. I have visited all sorts of different places including Upton Country Park, Upton Heath and even Corfe! 

I tried to behave very well and I think Tracie had fun too! My mum uses a wheelchair so I can't go to exciting places like I did with my friend Tracie! She even gave me a little treat sometimes! I had a really good time although it was nice to see my mum again once she safely returned".


 Sophie re: - "Riley and Milo" (Dog walking) Broadstone
September 2017

Tracie has been walking both of our dogs, Riley and Milo for a little while now. She is always on time, always smiling and I always look forward to seeing her friendly face twice a week. Our boys have VERY different needs, one is 13 years and a little fragile and arthritic and the other is 3 years and full of energy, life and naughtiness. Tracie has been wonderful at taking care of them both, attending to what they need individually. I feel so lucky to have found Tracie and trust her implicitly in my home. It is such a peace of mind knowing that my boys are safe and loved in her care.   

Josie and Mark re: - "Dingo" (Companion care) Holt - July 2017


A sincere thank you Tracie for all that you have done to help us with Dingo. Tracie has shown a special kind of empathy in all that she does for our dog. Being an older dog, Tracie is kind, patient, understanding and compassionate. We often call her the 'Dog Whisperer'. Right from the start Dingo took to Tracie and in the first 30 minutes of meeting Tracie, Dingo was nuzzling her for attention. We know that Tracie is responsible and confident in demonstrating her skills and experience and we feel blessed we found her.    


Joanna re: - "Jigsaw" (Dog walking/visiting) Broadstone - July 2017 

Tracie supported me when I had to work away on long days. She cared for Jigsaw as if he was her own. I could trust Tracie to give love, care, attention and a genuinely professoinal service every time I was away on business. Tracie takes the greatest care and pride in her work. She is dedicated to treating all the animals in her care with a special approach. I know that Tracie believes that each of her charges should be cared for as individuals because each of them are individual. She takes their safety, wellbeing and comfort very seriously. Thank you for an excellent service Tracie.  Joanne

I'm definitely house trained!

 C.S. re: - "Thomas & Hardy" (Medication) Corfe Mullen - September 2017



We just wanted to say a big "THANK YOU" for medicating Thomas and Hardy for us during our absence. We didn't worry whilst we were away, knowing you would be there for them and ensure they were given their medications and drops. Our relative was full of praise with how you handled and dealt with our cats. we are lucky to have found you, and wont hesitate to recommend you to others. Warmest regards C & S


A.B. re: - "Beau" (Dog walking service) Corfe Mullen - July 2017

Tracie is a very caring, reliable and trustworthy dog walker. My border terrier really enjoys her walk with Tracie and she always comes back happy. AB


Nadine & Stuart re: - "Hope" (Dog sit) London - December 2017


We were delighted when we heard Tracie was coming back to visit for a short while here in London. we instantly took advantage and requested a doggy sit for our beautiful 2 year old girlie. She had recently been in the wars so we knew we could rely on Tracie from Paws2Walk to step in and take the reins for a day. She also gave really helpful advice. Thank you once again Tracie, Nadine and Stuart.


Trudy and Simon re: - "G" (Dog sitting) St Ives Ringwood - June 2017

When you have to leave your much loved dog with anybody it is a big concern especially when you are at home with them all day and they have never been left before. We worried about it for quite awhile, but having met Tracie during our initial consultation and seeing how professional she was and how good she was with G, our Cocker Spaniel, we were reassured he would be fine. 

We were provided with very detailed and comprehensive documentation regarding out contract and G's needs and everything was superbly organised. Having discussed everything beforehand, Tracie arrived promptly on the day and we were able to depart straight away knowing G was more than happy. 

During the day Tracie sent superb photos of her and G having fun time, sitting, cuddling and playing in the garden. At the end of the day we returned to find G totally relaxed having had a wonderful time which included a massage session!

It's great to know that , in the future , we can call on someone that G obviously trusts and who we are confident in to look after him and keep him safe.

Thank you Tracie, the care you gave our dog and your calm and supportive approach was much appreciated and we would highly recommend you to anyone requiring your services.

Anyone for tennis?


 J & K re: - "Cheeky S" - (Dog walking/sitting) Organford - May 2017


We are delighted with Tracie's service. Her attention to detail and very obvious care and love for the pets she looks after are second to none. I feel totally relaxed on days when I have to leave my lovely dog at home knowing that Tracie will be there to take care of her.  We highly recommend Tracie and Paws2Walk to anyone who needs a pet sitter or dog walker!

...I'm ready to play now, come on!

 Wildlife Rescue of Buzzards Dorset 2017

Two Buzzards -  birds of prey rescued, one following a car injury in Corfe Mulllen and one found by a pedestrian, injured in Bournemouth and taken to PDSA. Both taken by Paws2Walk to Dorset Wildlife Rescue in 2017.
These maginificent birds will scavenge for road kill and as a consequence often get hit by passing traffic. Most frequently it is their wings that are broken from the force, but many injuries prove fatal. 

Allen & family re: Clara and Hammy (Pet visiting/feeding) Corfe Mullen - February 2018


Tracie from Paws2Walk looked after our cat and pet hamster at short notice. She made time to visit and complete a full assessment of our animals needs and took care of everything before we left. She did a great job and we didn't have to worry about a thing. It was clear that on our return Tracie had taken the greatest of care with our pets as if they were her own. Thank you.


Rescued Ducklings collected from Lynwood Vets Wimborne - 2017

Ducklings rescued and collected from local vets, Lynwood, after Paws2Walk received a call from Wildlife Centre in Hampshire. All were safely transported and delivered to Wildlife Rescue Centre in 2017 for care and attention. 

Ducklings rescued and collected from vets taken to wildlife centre.

Rescued Wood Pigeon Lytchett Minster - 2017


This wood pigeon was unable to fly and therefore would have been prey to a number of predators. It also may have found it difficult to secure a sufficient food source. It's wing was broken which would have been both painful and presented a severe risk particulary from a fox or a cat attack.

Pigeons form an important part of our wildlife in Dorset but of course it is worth remembering that pigeons, and in particular, those that were trained as carrier pigeons served in previous world wars when they were sent on dangerous missions carrying essential informaton which ultimately contributed to saving many lives.

This pigeon was transported for care and rehabilitation to our local wildlife rescue centre.   


Rescued Lapwing from Natterjacks Vets to Wildlife Centre
February 2018

Received a call from the local wildlife centre on Tuesday 6th March 2018 to pick up an exhausted and hungry lapwing from Natterjack Vets in Poole . These birds had been searching for food during the exceptionally cold snap following the Beast from the East severe Siberian weather and storm Emma.

Many of the lapwings had ventured inland and could be seen exhausted on grass verges beside busy roads as the snow began to thaw. Thankfully, this lapwing was rescued and taken to Natterjack vets and was then picked up by Paws2Walk and transported on to the local wildlife sancturay.

Rescued fledgling collected from Vets in Blandford - Dorset  


Rescued wild fledgling chick collected from local vets in Blandford by Paws2Walk and transported to Wildlife Center in Dorset 2017. During Spring, if the Winter has been a dry season the ground can be hard and less food can be avaialble for young birds. As a result they often become hungry with empty cropps and fail to build sufficient muscle around their wings.  


AG re: - "Pip" (Dog Walking/Pet Visiting) Corfe Mullen - June 2017

Tracie provides a truly professional service which puts you at ease when leaving your pet. She took such good care of our dog and the communication whilst we were away was impeccable. Would highly recommend and shall definitely be using Paws2Walk again. AG

Kit Rabbits rescued collected from Upton Vets - Somerset - April 2017


Kit rabbits rescued by Paws2Walk via local vets in Upton and transported to Wildlife Rescue Centre in Somerset  in 2017. These kits' nest was inadvertently disturbed due to building works and the mother escaped in fear leaving the kits behind. Kits require round the clock care if they are to survive without their natural mother.

Following a hard Winter, rabbits can delay their pregnancies, even once conceived until sufficient food is plentiful. Nature is truly amazing!

Kit rabbits rescued by Paws2Walk, collected from local vets and taken to Wildlife Centre Hampshire.

Pat & George re:- "Jake" (Pet care) Upton - May 2017

Tracie stepped in at short notice to care for our Jake when our regular pet minder was unable to assist. We were both enormously relieved and grateful for the valiant efforts and rapid response she provided. Many thanks P&G    

Martha re: "Meg" - (Companion care/welfare & Medication/Sit) Colehill
 June 2017


I have used Tracie from Paws2Walk several times now and think her care of my dog is excellent. Every time I have returned home my dog has been content and relaxed, she has also been given a massage and a groom.
I can highly recommend Tracie for her professionalism and kindness to my dog. Thank you Tracie

 Jack re: - "Bruno" (Dog walking) Hamworthy - May 2017

“Bruno gets on well with Tracie and looks forward to his walks with her. I find Tracie a very able and competent dog walker and I would thoroughly recommend her to any person(s) looking for a very adept dog walker”.



Ruby Saunders re:- "Lester" (Cat visits) Hamworthy - March 2017

Tracie came to my rescue when I had to go to hospital for treatment. She came to look after Lester, she cleaned his litter tray, gave him his two meals a day and provided lots of love and fuss. She spent time with him and even came to visit me to give an update and see how I was doing. She was marvelous and it was one less worry for me at a difficult time.

She is totally reliable and trustworthy and I would have been lost without her service. I would not have wanted to board Lester during my absence so I knew that he had all his home comforts and lots of extra cuddles to help with the temporary separation. Tracie even helped a neighbour by taking her cat to the local vet when the neighbour was unable to leave the house due to a family emergency. I have no hesitation in complimenting Tracie and her service paws2walk, I know that she has a magnetism with all the animals she cares for as she came highly recommended to me.

Thank you once again Tracie.

Petminders - January 2017

When are you going to feed me then?

I own and run Petminders a dog walking and pet feeding service. Tracie has helped me when I have asked her over the last 5 years. She has carried out numerous cat feeding visits and several dog walks. She has always given 100% in everything she does.

My customers feedback was that she went above and beyond what she was expected to do. The welfare of your pet could not be in better hands. I was delighted when she informed me that she was starting up her own pet feeding and dog walking business in Dorset and know she will make a great success of it. Good Luck Tracie!


I just can't quite get that itch!

Nicky & Steve re: - Alfie (Dog sitting) - December 2016

For many years we had our wonderful English Bull dog, Alfie. Alfie was a nervous dog but loved people once he had time to get to know and bond with them.

Tracie was a star and was there to make sure he was looked after whenever my husband and I had commitments. We agreed that we would not leave Alfie with anyone else other than Tracie as they bonded so well and Alfie loved spending time with Tracie (I am certain the feeling was mutual). Tracie always showed such patience, understanding and insight into meeting and tending to all his very unique needs and habits. She just understood him so well. One day we returned from an evening out and Alfie was ‘sparko’ (snores and all!) on Tracie’s lap. He must have weighed a ton! But it was obvious he had enjoyed his entertainment time and we didn’t hear a peep from him until morning.

We later acquired two rescue cats, Gobo and Gem Gem. Once again, we called upon Tracie’s services. Tracie is someone who goes above and beyond. Her profession is also her vocation. She is 100% committed to making companion animals feel so special and cares for them with expert attention to detail. Thank you Tracie; we are delighted to recommend your services.

Tracie also researched and recommended a Thunder Shirt to help reduce Alfie's noise anxiety around the time of Guy Fawkes Night.

Matthew re: Moby (Dog walking) Broadstone - January 2018

Tracie is reliable and punctual and her attention to detail in respect of our labrador's health and well-being is of the highest standard. She is kind and friendly and we have complete confidence in her ability  to look after our dog. Most importantly he loves being with her and thoroughly enjoys all his walks.

Sahara re:- "Petal" (Cat feeding/ Care & welfare) Poole - November 2016

Tracie cared for my very elderly long haired Persian cat called Petal on numerous occasions and towards the end of her life. She supported me when she was recovering from surgery to remove knotted hair clumps, teeth extractions and when she had eye surgery.

Tracie provided assistance to administer essential medication and fed Petal when I was away on holiday or had to be away overnight. She was very fond of Petal and spent extra time with her in her twilight years keeping her company, in what would have been empty hours.

Tracie is a natural with all animals and displays a genuine interest in all her charges demonstrating compassion and confidence in equal measures.

When Petal passed away Tracie accompanied me to a rescue centre to help me select my current dog Lulu, keeping her entertained, comfortable and reassured on the long journey home. She also took her on numerous walks when I had to be away from home and when I was recovering from lower limb surgery.

One season I had a family of foxes, cubs included, regularly visiting my garden and Tracie made sure they continued to be fed scraps while I was away, ensuring that life continued as usual, she watered my vegetable on request and generally kept everything normal.

You won’t find anyone more reliable, trustworthy and loyal to her work as Tracie – she takes her role seriously and with great pride.

Lucy and David re:- Five furry felines (Cat feeds/care & welfare) Merley
November 2016

Tracie visited our house of cats on several occasions when I was away on holiday. We have five rescue cats and she visited daily to feed them, refresh their water, change their litter trays and administer medication. She was also on hand to offer advice and information. I had no hesitation in leaving my pets in her care. Tracie’s reputation speaks for itself and once people knew how dependable she was she was never short of enquiries.

She is passionate about what she does and clearly loves every minute of her work with animals. We never had to worry when away as we knew that she would excel in helping to keep the routine running smoothly.

Tracie even carried out our wishes to continue to feed our garden birds, visiting hedgehog and resident fox while we were away.

All our cats got on very well with Tracie and enjoyed her visits, where she managed to report and recount many individual stories about each of them on our return. She is a true professional who is honest, caring and meticulous in carrying out her role.

Jean re:- "Dickens & Boots" (Cat feed/Pet sit)
December 2016 

Well Tracie, how do I look? Purrfect?

Tracie has looked after my cat Dickens and my 6 rescued battery hens for the last 2 years. She also feeds the wild birds and visiting fox (To keep him well enough fed so he does not eat my hens!).

I am away on business frequently and Tracie is a godsend. I know when I return from my travels it is like I haven't been away. I come home to a clean house, spic and span hen house and well contented animals. She also offers a security for my house, removing post etc. and even watering my plants. Tracie was a real find, and as my pets are well loved I am very particular who I leave them with.

When are you going to feed me then?

Helena re:- "Asta" (House call/visits)  Bournemouth - July 2017

We have used Tracie's services to provide lunch-time visits and companionship to our dog, Asta. We can say, with confidence, that Tracie is trustworthy, conscientious and totally committed to her work with animals. Tracie has lots of personal experience of looking after her own pets, including those with health needs, which has given her valuable knowledge and understanding - we know that Asta is in safe hands. Tracie is also highly professional, communicating well with us before and after visits so we can be reassured all is well.

Tracie's passion for animals shines through. She takes pride in her work and is keen to tailor her services to every customer which means you can be sure of a personalised service which meets your needs. Asta loves her time with Tracie and we have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone who is seeking a reliable and caring person to look after their pets and / or home while they are on holiday, at work or out for the day.

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